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About Firm

Global Law Foundation is a Law Firm pioneering in a new and distinct methodology in transforming legal practice into result oriented, accountable, pro-active and client friendly in the place of conventional methodology in legal practice.

Global Law Foundation with its vast network of efficient lawyers and experts in the respective fields provides effective legal services to its clients in India and abroad. With the said objective, Global Law Foundation has set up different departments such as:

Global Laws

Global Laws is the Legal consultancy & Litigation division of Global Law Foundation.

One touch legal solutions to handle all types of legal issues for individuals as well as organizations and firms in the Public, Co-operative and Private sectors including Corporate Firms.
Global Laws is handling all areas of legal challenge. Every legal aspect in development schemes and services across the length and breadth of the country and abroad.
Global laws is also engaged in the preparation of development project for intuitions and to provide managerial training at various levels A special legal cell is constituted with experienced lawyers and experts
Meeting and discussing the case in person and/or online with legal experts.
Submission of documents (online) pertaining to the clients case.
Handles all areas of legal challenge. Every legal aspect in development schemes and services across the length and breadth of the country and abroad.

The practice area of Global Laws include Litigation, Statutory Sanction, Arbitration, Execution of Awards and Decrees, Preparation and Registration of Documents, Legal Consultation for Public Co-operative and Commercial, Labour and Employment Matters, Taxation, Insurance, Intellectual Property, Trade Marks, Environments, Tourism etc.

Global Centre for Guidance and Councelling (GCGC)

Global Centre for Guidance and Councelling (GCGC) is an organization functioning under the Global Law Foundation. GCGC is mainly concentrating and aiming at harmony in the family, protection of mental peace and stress free atmosphere to individuals.
Offering counseling for the healthy and harmonious family relations and personal life.
Offering premarital and post-marital counseling to resolve the disputes and differences to have a transparent and healthy understandings and relations.
Offering a proper guidance for resolving the stress of examination, planning of educational carrier, opting for the proper future plan according to the inherent talents and protect the young generation from the evils of alcohol, drugs and crimes.

Global School of Law and Management

Global School of Law and Management focuses on the research and study related to various social issues in the society and legal matters. It is planning to conduct seminars and discussions all over the country and abroad. Global School of Law & Management (G.S.L.M) Is having a team of experts and is providing management consultancy and also preparing and monitoring development project and training the man power.


Laws and Views is the publication division under the Global Law Foundation intended for the publication of journals and books pertaining to law.

Global Centre for Mediation and Arbitration (GCMA)

Global Center for Mediation and Arbitration (G.C.M.A) is also having practical experiences in resolving number of rough and tough matters out of court with co-operation of parties of different views. As the litigation process is a prolonged one, importance of settlement of disputes at the matters mediation table is catching importance in the present scenario

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