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Our Services

  1. Litigation Support Services
  2. Legal Research & Analysis
  3. Legal Transcription
  4. Contract Drafting, Review & Management
  5. Legal Drafting
  6. Document Management Services
  7. Corporate Due Diligence Services
  8. Immigration Law support & Services
  9. IP Services

Litigation Support Services

This includes services required at all stages of litigation i.e. Pre-Litigation,Interlocutory Stages, Trial.
– Complaints, Legal Briefing, Declaratory Relief. Motions toAmend Complaint Compel Evidence and Preliminary Injunction/TRO, Criminal Law Motions and Briefs

Legal Research & Analysis

Our teams can handle Legal Research in virtually any Jurisdiction or area of the law. We are fully trained in accessing leading databases in the market like Westlaw and Lexis Nexis.
– Comparison Surveys, Compliance & Administrative Research, Case law compilations & digests, Federal/State Statutory &Case Law Analysis, International Legal Research, Intellectual Property, Defamation & Invasion of Privacy, Anti-Piracy Litigation, Entertainment Law & Trade Secrets, Employment and Labour Law, General Civil Areas such as Fraud and Contract Law, Factual Research, including Financial, Corporate & other data, Case Law & Legislative History Research, Preparation of Compilations/Abstracts for Publications, Primary and Secondary Legislation Searching, Document Abstracts, Journal Searching, Foreign Law Research, Legal Opinion/Second Opinion/ Editing, Jury Verdict & Settlement Research

Legal Transcription

Our outsourced Legal Transcription Services can help you reduce costs drastically and eliminate management headaches and it includes;
– Court Proceedings, Licensing Appeals, Presentations, Seminars &Conferences,Depositions, hearings & Judgments, Interviews, Mediations/Arbitrations, Settlement Negotiations’ Witness Testimony, Expert Consultations

Contract Drafting, Review & Management

At GLOBAL LAW FONDATION, we provide comprehensive Contract Management solutions where we rapidly review thousands of Contracts and Summarizes compare and assimilate relevant information.
– Creation, maintenance & Management of Contract Databases, Contract Analysis, Contract Drafting, Contract Negotiations, Preparation of Negotiating Guidelines, On-going Contract Maintenance, Drafting and Management of standardized corporate documents, Contract reviews and amendments, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Vendor/ Service Contracts, Employee contracts,Sponsored agreements,Collaboration agreements,Judicial proceedings,Articles of incorporation,Power of attorney,Evidentiary documents,Licensing agreements,Lease agreements, etc.

Legal Drafting

We provide all type of standard high quality litigation related documents – Preparation of Summons & Complaints, Appeal papers, notices and briefsDiscovery requests and responses, Product of Documents, Motions, Preparation of witness lists/kits & summaries, Creation of timeline of events and exhibits, Legal briefs and memoranda, Employment manuals, Licenses and other contracts

Document Management Services

Document Management involves efficient way of creating, handling, storing & sharing the information.It allows business persons to store documents in an organized and secure way that still allows documents to be found easily.
– Data entry, Image and Document Coding, Bibliographic Coding, Indexing and Tagging, Scanning and OCR (optical character recognition), Auto-coding, Document Acquisition and Management, Data Hosting & Capture, Data Conversion, Database/Document Creation & Maintenance, Document Assembly, Unitization &Preparation, Electronic or Manual Bates Numbering (is a method of indexing legal documents for easy identification and retrieval), Post Processing &Clean-up.

Corporate Due Diligence Services

By outsourcing this task to us, the companies involved in M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) work save themselves a substantial percentage of the legal costs involved in these transactions, and free up resources to concentrate on more critical aspects of the transaction.
– Pre/Post Merger Due Diligence, Integration Activities, Public Companies Corporate Profiles, Preparation of Disclosure Schedules

Immigration Law support & Services

Our Migration Services is mainly offered to Australia, Canada, and USA. Immigration Services to Australia, UK and USA includes Student’s Migration, Skilled Professional Migration, and Employer Sponsored Migration and Business investor immigration program.
– Highly Skilled Migration, Student Visas, Business and Entrepreneur Visas, Tourist and visiting Visas, Marriage and dependants visas, Permanent Residency

IP (Intellectual Property)Services

Our Intellectual Property practice team delivers services that provides a broad range of customized services in Intellectual Property matters, that includes patents, trademarks and design
Patent Searches and Analytics, Provisional & Non-Provisional Utility Patent Drafting, Patent Prosecution Related Services, Patentability Analysis, IP Portfolio Management, IP Research and Monitoring, Trademark and Copyright Services.

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